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Rollaway Beds: All you Need To Know

rollaway-bedWhile there are many great bed options, one of the most versatile in my opinion is the folding or rollaway bed. These beds come in a multitude of sizes, with several excellent mattress options.

Most rollaway beds, like the ones found at Rollaway Beds For Sale: A Comparison Of The Best Folding Guest Beds, are built with robust metal frames, specially designed to be strong and stable to support various weight capacities. In fact some of the larger ones are able to support up to 300 lbs. These extra large beds are built with anti collapse mechanisms to assist in unwanted collapses.

Another feature of these beds are the fact they are simple to pack away, and surprisingly very lightweight for easy handling. The mattresses are also large, 30 inches wide and 72 inches long and are flame retardant for added safety.

While most folding guest beds are flat when open, there are one or two manufacture’s that produce some beds with the ability for the upper top end to be raised or tilted for added comfort and convenience.

Rollaway beds come equipped with wheels or casters for easy moving ability and there are many types of casters to choose from and your choice should be made with your flooring in mind. For instance will you be using the bed on mainly carpet, tile or wood? Different types of casters work better for different types of floors.

The polyurethane casters are great for wood floors as well as carpet, while the grey rubber ones would be a better choice for tile or ceramic. All the casters are designed to help move the bed easily and safely, without causing any damage to your flooring no matter what type you have.

The mattress options are endless, they come with pillow tops, memory foam, different thicknesses and density. You can can choose to purchase a soft mattresses, medium, firm or even extra firm depending on your needs.

Another thing worth mentioning about rollaway beds is the price, there is such a wide range of prices you are sure to find one that fits your budget. A good thing to keep in mind when purchasing a rollaway bed is how often it will be used and where it will be stored, although rollaway beds are designed to take up minimal space and most can easily fit in a closet.

All in all rollaway beds are comfortable, convenient, easy to move, simple to store, priced to fit most budgets and are a wonderful addition to any apartment, cottage or home and you can be assured your guest will have a restful, relaxing nights sleep.

Captains Beds and Sleigh Beds

captains-bedIf you are thinking of purchasing a new bed for your son or daughter a really good bed to keep in mind would be a captains bed, this is one of my favorite beds.

A captains bed is basically a specialized platform bed, with either shelves or drawers built into the bottom for easy accessible storage. This style of bed is extremely popular in homes with limited bedroom space. While numerous company’s make these beds it is also possible to purchase a modular kit, and thus build the bed from various elements which you fit together yourself.

As the name implies the bed design comes from the beds used on-board ships. On ships, space is very limited and a regular bed would not be as practical for the space, so raising the bed and adding storage was designed as a builtin for ships to maximize the available space.

It also makes sense why the beds were built-in – first and foremost stability, safety and space.

A captain’s bed can be stand alone this provides flexibility in the arrangement of the room and provides more storage space. The design of these beds varies, they can come with storage in the headboard as well as the foot board, they can be equipped with shelving or drawers or even roll out storage from under the bed.

While a captain’s bed is great for kids it will also accommodated adults, in fact some heavier adults prefer these beds as they happen to be extremely solid and sturdy.

brodsworth-sleigh-bedAnother of my favorite beds would be the sleigh bed. This bed first appeared in the 1800s during the French and American Empire periods. These ornate beds feature a beautiful curved head and foot board, and low side rails. This unusual design was made to resemble a horse drawn sleigh, and were originally made of wood.

While these beds were originally designed for one person, and mostly used as day beds, today the sleigh bed is an elegant piece of furniture and can be purchased in twin, double, queen and even king size. Over the years only two slight changes have been made to these beds, while originally the head and foot board could be curved in or out, however out is now more favorable in the modern production of these beds as it allows for more space.

Also they were initially only built from wood and are now available in iron, steel and aluminum, the choice is yours but I believe the wooden sleigh bed has got an ageless charm, and makes an elegant addition to any bedroom.

The Simple Divan Bed

divan-bedWhen we think of a bed we all have an image that pops into our mind, but if you dig deeper and explore the different types of beds, you will find a diverse range of options.

So if you are in the market for a new bed it is best if you researcher your options first, thus ensuring you get the right bed for your needs.

First you should take into consideration the size of the room, best if you measure it to be sure, then you may want to take into account the shape of the room, some rooms are not a good fit for certain beds. For instance does the room have lots of windows, or is it a very odd shape, this will affect the type of bed you end up with also the size of the door, if you purchase a large bed, will it fit through the door?

Now you are ready to explore your bed options, if it turns out that you would prefer a bed with storage, one very good choice would be a Divan bed. Divan beds are practical, functional and provide ample storage space. The bed it’s self consists of 2 main parts, that join together with a bracket. The base is made of wood and sits directly on the floor, it is usually about 3 feet tall with a lifting cover, therefor providing excellent storage.

There is a very extensive range of styles and designs for these beds, and come with different storage options like, zip and link, sliders and even drawers.

The Divan bed is very useful to furnish a small bedroom, as it has a large amount of storage space allowing you the option of doing without a large bulky dresser. This bed is considered fairly modern, when in fact it has been around for hundreds of years, and was popular in the Middle East around 1300- 1400 hundred, although at this time were more like a sofa that gradually developed into a bed.

Divan beds may seem less elaborate than most other beds, but when accompanied with an attractive headboard add an instant fashionable look to any bedroom. So if you are looking for a modern bed with lots of storage then the Divan bed may be the right choice for you.

The Incomparable Futon

futonsThe Japanese invented and refined the futon. The mattresses are made with a fabric exterior stuffed with cotton, wool, or a synthetic batting and are often sold in sets including the mattress and duvet.

This led to William Brouwer inventing the worlds first sofa bed in 1982. William Brouwer was a woodworker who had spent time in Japan and loved the Japanese design, he also knew the Japanese slept on the floor with their futon and rolled it up every morning. This way they could utilize the space and thus it becomes a dual purpose room.

He also knew if it could be rolled up it must be very flexible and this gave him the idea of folding the mattress into a sofa bed.

The futon is an ideal piece of furniture, it serves as a couch by day and a bed at night, it’s also great for small spaces like an apartment or a mobile home. Another advantage of the futon would be the fact you can have an extra bed for your guests without a designated room that you would need for a conventional bed.

Futons are available in many different styles and are made of finished wood like oak, ash, pine, maple and cherry. The type of wood you choose greatly affects the price, while metal frames are also becoming popular. A high quality metal frame futon can be a stylish addition to your living room decor.

Fully upholstered frames that look like a traditional sofa are available on the market today. If you like the look of a couch but want the functionality of a futon this would be a perfect choice for you.

Futon covers have also changed and are available in a multitude of colors and fabrics, they simply zip on and off making it easy to change the look of the futon and the decor of any room, you could purchase several covers and change the look whenever you feel the need.

The futon has two main types the bi-fold and the tri-fold. The bi-fold being the most common, in this style the mattress is folded in half on top of the frame, the frame then slides into a flat position for sleeping.

Bi-fold futons come with different sizes of mattresses and as the mattress has to undergo much folding an unfolding they are generally made of synthetic materials.

Tri-fold on the other hand are built to save space and have thin mattresses to allow it to be folded over the back of the frame in a couch position. As these mattresses are thinner they are not recommended for continuous use.

The modern variation of futons can definitely enhance your sleeping arrangements and be an asset to your decor.

Murphy Beds – Everything You Need To Know

murphy-bedThe Murphy bed is named for William Murphy, who applied for his first patent around 1900.

According to legend, William was dating an opera singer, but living in a one room apartment in San Francisco, the moral code at the time frowned upon a woman entering a mans bedroom. Murphy’s invention converted his bedroom into a parlor, enabling him to entertain who ever he wished.

Earlier fold up beds had existed at the time and were available for purchase, but Murphy’s bed introduced the pivot and counterbalanced design for which he received a series of patents. Murphy beds are excellent for space saving purposes, and are very popular where floor space is limited, such as small homes, apartments, mobile homes and college dorms.

Recently these bed have under gone some changes, and are now available with many options such as lighting, storage cabinets and even office components, they have also seen a surge in popularity since 2010, this was due in part by the weak economy and many people choosing to renovate their homes rather than purchasing larger ones.

Most Murphy beds do not have box springs. Instead the mattresses lie on a wooden platform, it is held in place so it does not sag when the bed is placed in the closed position. Several other variations are available, including bunk beds, and beds with tables or desks that fold down when the bed is closed.

Space saving and convenience in a cabinet, who would of thought they could look so elegant, both in design and function. These beds and cabinets are available in twin, double, queen and king sizes and can be customized to fit any width. The cabinets come in a variety of different colors and stain choices that will compliment any decor, they are an attractive addition whether used in an office, spare room or apartment.

Another reason these beds are beginning to become more popular sort of like futons is the fact that they do not need a dedicated room like a conventional bed. This give you many options for the use of the space, you may wish for say, a craft room or office, play area or even an exercise room the choice is yours. When your guest arrives you open up the cabinet and pull down to reveal the bed, and you can rest assured your guest will have a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep.

Intro To All Types Of Beds

bed-typesThere are many types of beds available on the market today, most of them I’m sure you are familiar with while others not so much. The hide-abed for instance has been around for many years but has changed a lot over time, they are now available in different styles and colours and the mattresses are far more comfortable that they used to be. Who would of thought you could hide a bed in such a modern, stylish couch? They are a convenient extra bed that also functions as part of your living room furniture.

Futons are another good idea and also serve a dual purpose, you can sleep on them at night and sit on them during the day. The modern day futon is based on a Japanese idea, they lay the bed out on the floor to sleep on then roll it up during the day, this way the room can be used for other purposes.

Day beds – while you may think a daybed is the same as a futon there are a few differences, although they can both be used in the same way: sleeping on at night and sitting on during the day, the difference is in the looks typically a daybed is made of wood or metal and has two sides like the arms of a couch and uses a proper twin size mattress, which makes them extremely comfortable.

Another bed that has become very popular for your overnight guests is the rollaway or folding bed, typically made from lightweight materials and fold up for easy storage when not in use.

Years ago another bed that became extremely popular was the waterbed, millions of these beds were sold and promoted to aid people who suffered from a bad back and other health problems, But now that mattresses have evolved over the years we don’t hear much about the waterbed any more.

Another bed option is the platform bed, these beds are typically supported by a platform, which sometimes contain drawers for extra storage. For children you may consider bunk beds as these beds stacked on top of each other allow for extra space in the room that could be used as a play area for the children.

A similar bed called a cabin bed belongs to the bunk bed family and are another good choice for children, they however have only a single bed for sleeping and contain storage cabinets beneath the frame. The loft bed is similar to a cabin bed with a bed on top and free space below that can be utilized in any way you choose.

We should also include an air bed on our list these are an inflatable bed that provides you with an excellent level of comfort, they are beginning to become quite popular.

Murphy beds also deserve to be mentioned as a space saving bed, as they utilize vertical space in a smart way and can be stored vertically in the corner of your room or even in a cabinet or closet.

Now for comfort and relief of your body aches there is the feather bed, this is a topper and placed over your mattress and gives you the feeling that you are sleeping on a cloud. Other beds that deserve a mention are canopy beds, inspired by the grandeur of old world tradition. The sleigh bed does indeed resemble a sleigh with an outward curving headboard and foot board.

Now last but not least the four poster bed and as it’s name suggests this bed has four vertical columns, one on each corner and support a tester or upper rectangular panel that often has rails to allow a curtain to be pulled around the bed. So in conclusion there are a wide variety of beds available on the market today, so you can rest assured there is a bed to fit your needs as well as your space.