Captains Beds and Sleigh Beds

captains-bedIf you are thinking of purchasing a new bed for your son or daughter a really good bed to keep in mind would be a captains bed, this is one of my favorite beds.

A captains bed is basically a specialized platform bed, with either shelves or drawers built into the bottom for easy accessible storage. This style of bed is extremely popular in homes with limited bedroom space. While numerous company’s make these beds it is also possible to purchase a modular kit, and thus build the bed from various elements which you fit together yourself.

As the name implies the bed design comes from the beds used on-board ships. On ships, space is very limited and a regular bed would not be as practical for the space, so raising the bed and adding storage was designed as a builtin for ships to maximize the available space.

It also makes sense why the beds were built-in – first and foremost stability, safety and space.

A captain’s bed can be stand alone this provides flexibility in the arrangement of the room and provides more storage space. The design of these beds varies, they can come with storage in the headboard as well as the foot board, they can be equipped with shelving or drawers or even roll out storage from under the bed.

While a captain’s bed is great for kids it will also accommodated adults, in fact some heavier adults prefer these beds as they happen to be extremely solid and sturdy.

brodsworth-sleigh-bedAnother of my favorite beds would be the sleigh bed. This bed first appeared in the 1800s during the French and American Empire periods. These ornate beds feature a beautiful curved head and foot board, and low side rails. This unusual design was made to resemble a horse drawn sleigh, and were originally made of wood.

While these beds were originally designed for one person, and mostly used as day beds, today the sleigh bed is an elegant piece of furniture and can be purchased in twin, double, queen and even king size. Over the years only two slight changes have been made to these beds, while originally the head and foot board could be curved in or out, however out is now more favorable in the modern production of these beds as it allows for more space.

Also they were initially only built from wood and are now available in iron, steel and aluminum, the choice is yours but I believe the wooden sleigh bed has got an ageless charm, and makes an elegant addition to any bedroom.