The Interesting History of The Mattress

a mattressWhen thinking about beds what comes to mind? Where did they come from?Well no one knows who first thought of them. But what we do know is that for many centuries in many cultures the bed was considered the most important piece of furniture in the house.

And was also a type of status symbol.

Beds were used in ancient Egypt as more than a place for sleeping, beds were used as a place to eat and entertain socially. According to history the earliest beds were shallow chests in which the bedding was placed.

Well, certainly beds have come along way since the 15th century, as during the renaissance, mattresses were made of pea shucks, straw or sometimes feathers, stuffed into coarse ticks, and covered in velvet.

Then by the early 18th century the mattresses were stuffed with cotton or wool, then by the mid 18th century mattresses were filled with natural fibre such as coconut fibre, cotton, wool and horsehair. The mattress was tufted or buttoned to attach the stuffing to the cover.

Covers began to be made of linen or cotton. In 1857 the coil spring was invented and patented for use in chair seats. Then in 1865 the first coil spring construction for bedding was patented. By 1871 the German inventor Heinrich Westphal invents the innerspring mattress. He later died in poverty, never having profited from his invention.

Late in the 19th century the box spring was invented, making mattresses less lumpy. And by the 1930s Innerspring mattresses and upholster foundations became widely used, and artificial fillers became common. Frames like trundle beds and rollaway beds quickly became common.

Choice and comfort are key words in contemporary bedding. In addition to an almost unlimited range of innerspring mattress designs, new types of foam cores (such as memory or visco-elastic foam and refinements to traditional latex) as well as air beds, water beds and high-tech adjustable sleep sets offer consumers attractive, quality alternatives.

Pillow top mattresses, a popular innovation in luxury, offer an extra layer of soft cushioning, and single sided no flip mattresses are common.

So there is a lot to be considered when in the market to purchase a new bed or mattress. When it comes to size, the most popular by far is the queen size mattress, it is rated as the most popular due to the fact that most master bedrooms can accommodate a mattress of this size.

While size is one of the easier decisions you will have to make, what type of mattress will be the hard one. There are so many available on the market these days, there has been an explosion in the type of materials and methods used to produce them.

As a customer you may find the ever increasing options a bit overwhelming, but just keep in mind there is no particular mattress type that will be suitable for everyone.

But it is nonetheless helpful to know the kinds of mattresses available and the durability, comfort, satisfaction and value of the choice you make.