Murphy Beds – Everything You Need To Know

murphy-bedThe Murphy bed is named for William Murphy, who applied for his first patent around 1900.

According to legend, William was dating an opera singer, but living in a one room apartment in San Francisco, the moral code at the time frowned upon a woman entering a mans bedroom. Murphy’s invention converted his bedroom into a parlor, enabling him to entertain who ever he wished.

Earlier fold up beds had existed at the time and were available for purchase, but Murphy’s bed introduced the pivot and counterbalanced design for which he received a series of patents. Murphy beds are excellent for space saving purposes, and are very popular where floor space is limited, such as small homes, apartments, mobile homes and college dorms.

Recently these bed have under gone some changes, and are now available with many options such as lighting, storage cabinets and even office components, they have also seen a surge in popularity since 2010, this was due in part by the weak economy and many people choosing to renovate their homes rather than purchasing larger ones.

Most Murphy beds do not have box springs. Instead the mattresses lie on a wooden platform, it is held in place so it does not sag when the bed is placed in the closed position. Several other variations are available, including bunk beds, and beds with tables or desks that fold down when the bed is closed.

Space saving and convenience in a cabinet, who would of thought they could look so elegant, both in design and function. These beds and cabinets are available in twin, double, queen and king sizes and can be customized to fit any width. The cabinets come in a variety of different colors and stain choices that will compliment any decor, they are an attractive addition whether used in an office, spare room or apartment.

Another reason these beds are beginning to become more popular sort of like futons is the fact that they do not need a dedicated room like a conventional bed. This give you many options for the use of the space, you may wish for say, a craft room or office, play area or even an exercise room the choice is yours. When your guest arrives you open up the cabinet and pull down to reveal the bed, and you can rest assured your guest will have a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep.