bed-typesThere are many types of beds available on the market today, most of them I’m sure you are familiar with while others not so much. The hide-abed for instance has been around for many years but has changed a lot over time, they are now available in different styles and colours and the mattresses are far more comfortable that they used to be. Who would of thought you could hide a bed in such a modern, stylish couch? They are a convenient extra bed that also functions as part of your living room furniture.

Futons are another good idea and also serve a dual purpose, you can sleep on them at night and sit on them during the day. The modern day futon is based on a Japanese idea, they lay the bed out on the floor to sleep on then roll it up during the day, this way the room can be used for other purposes.

Day beds – while you may think a daybed is the same as a futon there are a few differences, although they can both be used in the same way: sleeping on at night and sitting on during the day, the difference is in the looks typically a daybed is made of wood or metal and has two sides like the arms of a couch and uses a proper twin size mattress, which makes them extremely comfortable.

Another bed that has become very popular for your overnight guests is the rollaway or folding bed, typically made from lightweight materials and fold up for easy storage when not in use.

Years ago another bed that became extremely popular was the waterbed, millions of these beds were sold and promoted to aid people who suffered from a bad back and other health problems, But now that mattresses have evolved over the years we don’t hear much about the waterbed any more.

Another bed option is the platform bed, these beds are typically supported by a platform, which sometimes contain drawers for extra storage. For children you may consider bunk beds as these beds stacked on top of each other allow for extra space in the room that could be used as a play area for the children.

A similar bed called a cabin bed belongs to the bunk bed family and are another good choice for children, they however have only a single bed for sleeping and contain storage cabinets beneath the frame. The loft bed is similar to a cabin bed with a bed on top and free space below that can be utilized in any way you choose.

We should also include an air bed on our list these are an inflatable bed that provides you with an excellent level of comfort, they are beginning to become quite popular.

Murphy beds also deserve to be mentioned as a space saving bed, as they utilize vertical space in a smart way and can be stored vertically in the corner of your room or even in a cabinet or closet.

Now for comfort and relief of your body aches there is the feather bed, this is a topper and placed over your mattress and gives you the feeling that you are sleeping on a cloud. Other beds that deserve a mention are canopy beds, inspired by the grandeur of old world tradition. The sleigh bed does indeed resemble a sleigh with an outward curving headboard and foot board.

Now last but not least the four poster bed and as it’s name suggests this bed has four vertical columns, one on each corner and support a tester or upper rectangular panel that often has rails to allow a curtain to be pulled around the bed. So in conclusion there are a wide variety of beds available on the market today, so you can rest assured there is a bed to fit your needs as well as your space.