Rollaway Beds: All you Need To Know

rollaway-bedWhile there are many great bed options, one of the most versatile in my opinion is the folding or rollaway bed. These beds come in a multitude of sizes, with several excellent mattress options.

Most rollaway beds, like the ones found at Rollaway Beds For Sale: A Comparison Of The Best Folding Guest Beds, are built with robust metal frames, specially designed to be strong and stable to support various weight capacities. In fact some of the larger ones are able to support up to 300 lbs. These extra large beds are built with anti collapse mechanisms to assist in unwanted collapses.

Another feature of these beds are the fact they are simple to pack away, and surprisingly very lightweight for easy handling. The mattresses are also large, 30 inches wide and 72 inches long and are flame retardant for added safety.

While most folding guest beds are flat when open, there are one or two manufacture’s that produce some beds with the ability for the upper top end to be raised or tilted for added comfort and convenience.

Rollaway beds come equipped with wheels or casters for easy moving ability and there are many types of casters to choose from and your choice should be made with your flooring in mind. For instance will you be using the bed on mainly carpet, tile or wood? Different types of casters work better for different types of floors.

The polyurethane casters are great for wood floors as well as carpet, while the grey rubber ones would be a better choice for tile or ceramic. All the casters are designed to help move the bed easily and safely, without causing any damage to your flooring no matter what type you have.

The mattress options are endless, they come with pillow tops, memory foam, different thicknesses and density. You can can choose to purchase a soft mattresses, medium, firm or even extra firm depending on your needs.

Another thing worth mentioning about rollaway beds is the price, there is such a wide range of prices you are sure to find one that fits your budget. A good thing to keep in mind when purchasing a rollaway bed is how often it will be used and where it will be stored, although rollaway beds are designed to take up minimal space and most can easily fit in a closet.

All in all rollaway beds are comfortable, convenient, easy to move, simple to store, priced to fit most budgets and are a wonderful addition to any apartment, cottage or home and you can be assured your guest will have a restful, relaxing nights sleep.