The Simple Divan Bed

divan-bedWhen we think of a bed we all have an image that pops into our mind, but if you dig deeper and explore the different types of beds, you will find a diverse range of options.

So if you are in the market for a new bed it is best if you researcher your options first, thus ensuring you get the right bed for your needs.

First you should take into consideration the size of the room, best if you measure it to be sure, then you may want to take into account the shape of the room, some rooms are not a good fit for certain beds. For instance does the room have lots of windows, or is it a very odd shape, this will affect the type of bed you end up with also the size of the door, if you purchase a large bed, will it fit through the door?

Now you are ready to explore your bed options, if it turns out that you would prefer a bed with storage, one very good choice would be a Divan bed. Divan beds are practical, functional and provide ample storage space. The bed it’s self consists of 2 main parts, that join together with a bracket. The base is made of wood and sits directly on the floor, it is usually about 3 feet tall with a lifting cover, therefor providing excellent storage.

There is a very extensive range of styles and designs for these beds, and come with different storage options like, zip and link, sliders and even drawers.

The Divan bed is very useful to furnish a small bedroom, as it has a large amount of storage space allowing you the option of doing without a large bulky dresser. This bed is considered fairly modern, when in fact it has been around for hundreds of years, and was popular in the Middle East around 1300- 1400 hundred, although at this time were more like a sofa that gradually developed into a bed.

Divan beds may seem less elaborate than most other beds, but when accompanied with an attractive headboard add an instant fashionable look to any bedroom. So if you are looking for a modern bed with lots of storage then the Divan bed may be the right choice for you.