The Trendy Trundle Bed

While there is an wide assortment of beds available on the market today from Captain beds, Hide-a-beds, Day beds, rollaway beds and many others, the bed I have chosen to discuss today is the Trundle bed.

trundle-bedThe Trundle bed has been around from the 16th century, they usually had smaller platforms than regular beds and have rollers so they maybe rolled out from under a regular bed for use, they are built to hold a mattress, so box springs are not necessary, as the wooden frame work was usually oak and the suspensions were made of rope or leather.

This is where the old saying “sleep tight” comes from as the leather or rope would frequently need tightening, nowadays the beds have wooden slats that serve the same purpose.

Large family’s and small houses made for common use of this handy space saving bed and became more popular in north America after it’s colonization than they were in Europe.

The Trundle bed is available in different styles, for instance the roll out trundle, this bed is low and therefore can easily be stored under any regular twin size bed and can be rolled out whenever its needed, also this bed can be purchased with drawers that are very convenient for extra storage.

The beds are made of superior quality metal for durability and provides plenty of support and are designed to keep the mattress in place. You can even choose the colour of the bed with options being Black, Blue, Silver and White, the variety of colours make it compatible with all types of decor.

If you children’s room is short on space and two regular twin beds would leave no room for them to play, and definitely no space for their friend to have a sleepover, then you should consider the twin over full with trundle. This handy space saving bed is ideal, it’s essentially a bunk bed on top with a full size bed below and a trundle expertly concealed beneath.

The Trundle bed is not only convenient when needed, but hides away very neatly during the day to provide extra space for whatever you prefer to use it for.